Shani Oates

Maid of the Clan of Tubal Cain

Occultist, Mystic, Luciferian Pilgrim of the Forbidden Arts, Traditional Craft Practitioner, researcher, lecturer, historian and writer of the Craft, Magic, Ancestral Tradition, particularly the Robert Cochrane Tradition, and the cultural Folk-lore and Folk-magicks of the Uk and its Northern Heritage. Spae-wife and Matriarch of The People of Goda, The Clan of Tubal Cain. Student of Anthropology, Tantra, Philosophy and the arcane ‘Other.’


Author of several books that write informatively on the myths, gods and archetypes that imbue and inform the Cults and Crafts of Witchcraft and Folk-Traditions, shifting through the arcane to modern times. 


PUBLISHED WORK: Tubelo’s Green Fire, The Arcane Veil, Star-Crossed Serpent Volumes I-IV (Mandrake of Oxford), The People of Goda, The Robert Cochrane Tradition: CTC: Tubal’s Mill (revised edition - 2018) & TM: Legend, Paean to Hekate (Create Space and through Hell Fire Club Books), and Crafting the Arte of Tradition, The Devil’s Supper  and The Hanged God (Anathema Publishing Ltd.).


Numerous articles in other Craft Anthologies, periodicals and magazines over the last two decades include: Pillars (Vol.1, Issue.3) The Ebon Kteis [Anathema Publishing], Heritage - A CTC Anthology [Create Space], Genuine Witchcraft is explained: Secret Tradition of the Royal Windsor Coven and the Regency [Capall Bann], Serpent Songs [Scarlet Imprint],  The Wanton Green [Mandrake], The Silver Wheel [Lear Books], Ancestors of the Craft [Copper Cauldron Publishing], Hecate: Her Sacred Fires [Avalonia] and the 2011 #2 of the Abraxas Occult Journal that features: ‘Pashupati – A Cainite Trimurti’ [Fulgur]. 


Other articles may be found in various popular pagan, folklore and occult publications spanning almost two decades. These include: Pendragon, Verdelet, Bridget’s Fire, The White Dragon, Pentacle, The Goddess Alive, The Hedge Wytch, The Wytch’s Standard, Pagan Dawn, and The Cauldron.


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