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Anathema Publishing aims to publish distinctly inspired and inspiring works of art. Through the years, Anathema Publishing has developed a unique savoir-faire, carefully safeguarding the legacy of bookmaking and the publishing of unique literature. 


Our esteemed readership places great trust in our capacity to exceed their expectations by delivering only the finest of publications. It is our heartfelt belief that sincere book collectors and devotees of the aesthetic will recognize this commitment to excellence. Our modus operandi remains unchanged, always favouring quality over quantity.


We support and work closely with erudite scribes, poets, and philosophers, visionary artists, pilgrims and magicians of the Arte – serious devotees and students of their Craft.


We believe that a book of the Arte is a manifested entity – one infused with magickal properties that is deserving of the utmost reverence. 


We are uncompromising in our commitment to inspire “the few” while ignoring “the many,” thus maintaining full textual authenticity and artistic integrity. 


Our rigorous protocol demands a truly humble and respectful approach to Occult Arcana and Powers surrounding us All – through Death and Beyond.


Anathema Publishing asserts a wholly unequivocal, apolitical, and non-partisan commitment to the promotion of gnosis – one that remains free of ideological bias and of all affiliations and obstructions to that vital ethic. 
We have chosen to focus singularly on the Great Work itself. And because PILLARS is an all-inclusive, neutral platform of expression, all are welcome to freely share within its pages. PILLARS, therefore, extends its open invitation to all motivated writers and artists to contribute to this vision. 

Our past contributors include people from all ethnic backgrounds, various faiths, creeds, and traditions. They possess a great and diverse range of views, sexual inclinations, and identified genders; their chosen paths are as unique as the fabric that makes up their cultures. We strongly encourage such freedoms of expression in order to create a living, vivifying discourse – one that bridges the divide between practitioners, theologians, and scholars of the Occult around the world. 
We preserve total objectivity and non-association with any persons, sects, cults, groups, or traditions referred to (unless specifically acknowledged or confirmed as such by us). In this regard, the personal views held by individuals submitting works to Anathema Publishing are not necessarily those of Anathema Publishing. 
Censorship or taboo only help to reinforce dogmatic thought, and they remain outside of the spiritual remit of our mission, our jurisdiction, and our concern – we waste no time condemning or condoning views that may differ from ours. 

Our key principle is mutual respect, the better to serve Agapae & Gnosis. We also promote mutual tolerance and politeness (rather than subjectivity and potentially explosive political correctness), thus circumventing the pitfalls of the 'Great Divide' narrative and close-minded attitude toward freedom of thought and articulation.