Quality Occult Books & Contemporary Esoterica.

Alchemical Dragons

Anathema is an independent publishing house producing refined books
for the true bibliophiles and seekers of the Mysteries.

Anathema also acts as a purveyor of only the finest in terms of Ambient & Ritualistic soundscapes distributing a carefully curated selection of releases for introspective music aficionados, & connoisseurs.

Anathema Publishing —where discerning minds and inquisitive souls congregate— since 2011.

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Anathema Publishing aims to publish distinctly inspired and inspiring works of art. Through the years, Anathema Publishing has developed a unique savoir-faire, carefully safeguarding the legacy of bookmaking and the publishing of unique literature. 
Our esteemed readership places great trust in our capacity to exceed their expectations by delivering only the finest of publications. It is our heartfelt belief that sincere book collectors and devotees of the aesthetic will recognize this commitment to excellence. Our modus operandi remains unchanged, always favouring quality over quantity.
We support and work closely with erudite scribes, poets, and philosophers, visionary artists, pilgrims, and magicians of the Arte – serious devotees and students of their Craft.


We believe that a book of the Arte is a manifested entity – one infused with magickal properties that is deserving of the utmost reverence.

We are uncompromising in our commitment to inspire “the few” while ignoring “the many,” thus maintaining full textual authenticity and artistic integrity. Our rigorous protocol demands a truly humble and respectful approach to the Mysteries surrounding us all.


Anathema Publishing and its periodical PILLARS are and have always been an inclusive platform dedicated to free thinking. A quick glance at our track records clearly shows that we’ve worked with, welcomed, and supported people from all backgrounds, ethnicities, cultures, genders, traditions, and walks of life, without prejudice, hatred, or bigotry — always keeping in mind the larger ‘spiritual’ picture.


Let it be said, repeated, and understood, that Anathema Publishing is categorically opposed to any form of racism and group discrimination, and does not partake in the 'ideology game' that only foment division and counterproductive drama.


We care only about producing wonderful books replete with esoteric wisdom, insight, and knowledge, and are averse to any agenda that would stand against our purpose and resolve in providing an open space of expression for authors and artists of all types and varieties.