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Samuel David

Mesopotamian polytheist, artist, writer, researcher, & educator

Samuel David is a Mesopotamian polytheist, artist, writer, researcher, and educator based in the American Midwest. 
His presentations at local pagan festivals, national, and international conventions include lectures, rituals, and workshops. His adaptation of “The Descent of Inanna” has been featured as classroom material for California State University, Los Angeles’ 2020 ancient history syllabus.
As a representative for Temple Sangamon, chairperson for The Council of Near Eastern Pagan Religions, and founder of the religious non-profit organization known as Four Reeds, he actively networks and collaborates with others to represent and protect the interests of those who seek to revive the worship of the Ancient Near Eastern gods.

PUBLISHED WORK: Rod & Ring (Anathema Publishing Ltd. 2021).

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