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Joseph Uccello
Graphic Artist, Letterpress Printer, and Book Designer

Joseph Uccello is a graphic artist, letterpress printer, and book designer with ten years of experience in typographic, illustrative, and design work for publishers the world over.


Fueled by a struggle for direct engagement with the Codex Naturae—and rooted in a searching awareness of the Weird, Chaotic, and Grotesque—Hermetic exploration forms the backbone of the artist's work.


Joseph (under the Viatorium Press imprint) edits, illustrates, and designs the Occlith series of books, florilegia of ancient texts conceived with a Modern Arcane ethos.

Viatorium Press: Designer and Publisher of the Weird, Occult, and Fantastic.

ARTWORKS AND/OR LAYOUT FOR: Celestial Intelligences (Anathema Publishing Ltd. 2021), IAO (Anathema Publishings Ltd. 2022), The Search for Óðinn (Anathema Publishings Ltd. 2022).

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