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Ian C. Edwards, PhD

Clinical Psychologist, Occult Author, and Adjunct Professor of Psychology and Philosophy

Dr. Edwards is a licensed psychologist and the author of Being and Non-Being in Occult Experience Volume I: The Book of the Law and Being and Non-Being in Occult Experience Volume II: The Chiasmata of Austin Osman Spare both published by Atramentous Press. He is also the author of “The Divine Hearth and Radical Hospitality,” which appeared in PILLARS - A Wayfarer’s Hearth (Vol. 2, Issue 3).


Dr. Edwards is also the Assistant Vice President of Student Wellbeing at Duquesne University. He describes his approach as “dialectical non-dualism”, where he infuses the act of writing with method and content, through a spiritual phenomenology that attempts to inscribe the sacred as a self-referential embrace that reconciles the psycho-spiritual spaces in which dualities and oppositions such as being and non-being, good and evil, self and other, are made manifest. Dr. Edwards reads occult texts using a method that combines grammatology with a participatory epistemology that explores and describes ontologies of deific forms.

FORTHCOMING WORK (via Anathema Publishing Ltd.): A Druid in Psychologist's Clothing [PRE-ORDERS Now Open!]

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