The Hanged God: Óðinn Grímnir
The Hanged God: Óðinn Grímnir
The Hanged God: Óðinn Grímnir
The Hanged God: Óðinn Grímnir
The Hanged God: Óðinn Grímnir
The Hanged God: Óðinn Grímnir
The Hanged God: Óðinn Grímnir
The Hanged God: Óðinn Grímnir
The Hanged God: Óðinn Grímnir

OCTAVO Paperback Edition (2019):

Format: 5.25 x 8.5 inches. 208 pages. German Binding. Velvet Matte (Scuff Free) finish on cover and backcover. B&W Interior. Thoroughly illustrated throughout by Blood & Fire Ritual Art, Fine typography, printed on Rolland Opaque Natural 160M quality paper.

The Hanged God:
Óðinn Grímnir

[Octavo Series]

Volume I of the Óðinn Trilogy 

by Shani Oates


Challenging former atrophied or outdated knowledge regarding Óðinn’s acquisition of the runes and the mead of poetry, this extensive and intense study revisits Hávamál, Vǫluspá, Skáldskaparmál, Grímnismál, Heimskringla and Ynglinga Sagas specifically, to unravel and reconnect crucial factors that collectively reveal a magical formula for rebirth and resurrection. These kennings have preserved the threads of mysteries pertaining to Rúnar entrenched in Taboo. Óðinn’s quest of discovery takes him through three historically attested trials as Rites of Passage that find parallel forms in other animistic traditions. His ordeals of Mound, Tree and Sacral Kingship together with an articulation of the role of Hamingja are hitherto connected.


Using a multi-disciplinary approach that includes forensic and ethno-anthropology, mythology, archaeology, folklore and etymology, previous speculations regarding Óðinn’s associations with sacrifice, penal codes and shamanism are shown to be flawed. Instead, for the first time, personal experience is combined with intensive research that provide plausible solutions to age-old puzzles, solving anomalies surrounding Scandinavian lore. A clear Cultus is revealed of a hidden elite totally focused on surviving Ragnarǫk via the application of arcane magics. New insights present the real location of Valhǫll, and explain Óðinn’s ancestral relationship with wolves.


Sacred cows are culled in a controversial re-interpretation of Yggdrasil, Sleipnir and Mímir based entirely within information drafted from obscure or overlooked texts. Original extracts interject the text, adding substantial weight that fully support the conclusion offered. Songs and charms, giants and dwarves, cauldrons and manna, totemic beasts, burial customs, fear of the dead, their propitiation and the dead that walk, slaying, sacrifice and tribal mothers feature in this expedition into the past to discover real identities for its key players, and real purpose in their deeds. By sorcerous enchantments, Óðinn traversed a magical pathway to ‘overcome Fate,’ his mastery of runic sorcery and necromancy is finally given cause.


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“The Hanged God: Óðinn Grímnir, by Shani Oates, which I recently had the pleasure of reading. Within its pages Shani shares hidden strands of long-lost ritual and tradition of the Northern peoples; invaluable material that she has unearthed, thoroughly examined and carefully woven back together. As the manuscript stands, it is […] the book I have spent decades looking for, ever hoping to find, but never did. 


By comparison, the greater majority of books on the market today, concerning the Northern tradition, simply re-order old information that has been passed around for years. Such books have indeed done their part to inspire newcomers to learn something of the tradition. 


However, many long-time heathens, like me, are constantly searching for, and in dire need of, a book that has rare in-depth information and real flesh on its bones. It is in this way that I consider The Hanged God: Óðinn Grímnir to be an absolute gem; an important work containing vital information and study that should not risk being lost. 


[Definitely a book] for those who seek to uncover and delve deeper into the mysteries of the Northern tradition.” (Private correspondence/commentary on ‘The Hanged God’ / Carol Keith.)




The Hávamál Cultus

Gold Mead: Elixir of Forbidden Enchantments

Of Mounds and the Dead that Walk

Yggdrassill: Dread Steed of the Damned

Riding the Gallows: Sorcerous Covenants







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