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Shandi AzK Bouscatier


Shandi Azk Bouscatier is an art scholar who has studied and taught for more than a decade. He is a jeweler and visual artist, with his artistic practice being informed solely around the witchcraft he also practices. Effigies, tools of power, icons, and other occult objects are all a part of his creation – directed by the Spirits and crafted by his hands. His process is intimate; it is a relationship between living and inhabited matter, the Beings of Otherness and his own vision. All is one. Shandi’s artistic practice is, inescapably a magical one. It draws on the substratum of western occultism and witchcraft, sabbatical witchcraft, tantrism, alchemy, and hermeticism. Shandi holds a BA and an MA in Visual Arts, Aesthetic & Art Philosophy, and an MA in Cultural Mediation. Shandi can be reached through his social media.

Shandi's first Card Deck and Book project to be published via Anathema Publishing Ltd, is entitled The Serpent Ikons: A Sorcerous Distortion of the Tarot de Marseille Major Arcana, elaborated and created alongside Helena van El.




PUBLISHED WORK: The Serpent Ikons (Anathema Publishing Ltd. 2022).

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