Zhoupheus #1 & 2 (Softcover Zines)

Title: Zhoupheus Magazine # 1 & 2

Author: Various Authors & Artists

Publisher: Zhoupheus (2012 / 2013 = Rare Out Of Print Magazines)

Book Condition: Very Good+ (Normal Shelf Wear)


Price: $50 CAD (approx. $40 USD) 


Contributors Issue #1:

Richard T. Cole

Hermasolunus Mutz

Kitti Solymosi

Artic Alamut

Harlequinade Art Project

Felipe Ferla Da Costa

Ame Ladik

Hades Popnox

Sean Woodward

Christopher H.

Joran Laperre

Edward R. Palmer

The Uranian ChrisM

Vax Huvuden

Alley Dakota Crane


Contributor Issue #2:

Matthew Wightman

Santiago Caruso

Patrick John Larabee

Leon Kafre

Devin Pentagram

Andrew Schmidt

Mason Parker


Leigh McCloskey

Valin Mattheis

Joel Rosenburg



Zhoupheus was a bi-annual esoteric magazine. Founded in 2012, it is conceived to cover a plurality of branches that involve the lore of what could be called primordial wisdom and its reemergence in the modern world. Zhoupheus wishes to be a collaborative platform for authors and artists to share their work and to facilitate the creation of new, thought-provoking ideas that defy the mundane theoretical standards of society.


Last Statement:

"By now it will be obvious Zhoupheus has not had any releases for a long time. As many will have suspected, Zhoupheus ended up in the background of everyone’s life involved. Therefore it is quite obvious that Zhoupheus will most likely not see another chapter in its existence as a magazine.

Zhoupheus wishes to thank all our contributors and everyone who supported this project over the years, even after it ended up going off the radar. That people were still hungry for more shows this magazine was doing some good things.

No one imagined we would get to work with the finest people in occulture, yet everything went beyond our wildest expectations.

The future remains an open field and it’d be an honour and a blessing to meet all of you in one of the other endeavours once again.

Thanks once again for all the support.
It has been a pleasure and an honour."

Zhoupheus #1 & 2 (Softcover Zines)

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