The Emerald Tablet [Risograph]

The Emerald Tablet [Risograph], by Brian Cotnoir


Risograph (13.5cm x 10.5cm closed - 29cm x 43cm open): Limited to 200 copies.


The Emerald Tablet one of the root texts of alchemy is a brief alchemical work attributed to Hermes Trismegistus. Historically the work is part of the Hermetic corpus and seems to have the same origins as the rest of the Corpus Hermeticum.


The text was discovered, according to one version of the legend, by Apollonius of Tyana. After an earthquake a passageway opened up beneath a statue that led to a subterranean chamber. Seated there was a statue of Hermes Trismegistus holding a tablet of green stone (smaragda) engraved with the text of what is now known as the Emerald Tablet.


The Emerald Tablet [Risograph]

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