TEMPLE OF CLEAR LIGHT - The Stars Are Lit Under A Goddess Kiss [Ltd. E

Label: Self-Released (or out via Red Cavity Records )

Format: (Already sold-out on the Artist's main store.) Printed heavy recycled cardboard envelope & hand-stamped black CDR.


1. Gates To The Necronomicon 11:21
2. The Stars Are Lit Under A Goddess Kiss 07:45
3. Temples In The Womb Ov Night 09:24
4. Nar Mattaru 09:23


The fourth incarnation of Temple Of Clear Light, the "esoteric electronica" side manifestation of Alone In The Hollow Garden, consists of four long devotional hymns dedicated to the Queen Of Heaven and Earth, a voyage into the Sumerian underworld.


The predominant electronic sound of T.O.C.L. is currently adorned with a veil of old school blackened guitar riffs and hissing vocals, offering an unconventional subterranean musick blend.


Channelled, recorded and mixed between Autumn MMXIX and Spring MMXX by Dan Serbanescu / T.O.C.L. Released March 25, 2020


T.O.C.L.: seen and unseen vocals and chanting, lyric channelling, analogue & digital synth witchcraft, digital & analogue drum machines of doom, electric guitars from the dawn of chaos, divinatory mixing and mastering, Goddess sigil & devotional artwork.


The second hymn contains lyrics from "Inanna, The Queen Of Heaven and Earth" by Diane Wolkstein & Samuel Noah Kramer.

TEMPLE OF CLEAR LIGHT - The Stars Are Lit Under A Goddess Kiss [Ltd. E

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