TEMPLE OF CLEAR LIGHT [Cassette Tape + Ankh Silver Amulet]

Label: Self-Released (or out via Red Cavity Records )

Format: (Already sold-out on the Artist's main store.) This is the Special Edition of 10 copies, including the limited edition C80 cassette accompanied by a beautiful Ankh-shaped silver amulet stylized & handcrafted by ATMA, all wrapped in a handmade black cardboard jacket with pocket and card attached.


1. Dream Machine 08:40
2. Owl lost in the Light's Lodge 06:05
3. In Tongues of Light and Fire 08:00
4. Apocalypse Pictures 05:56
5. Walking the Paths on the Tree of Life 08:04
6. Snowlike Feathers 09:12
7. Do I Know? 10:08
8. Serpent Half Flying, Eagle Half Crawling 05:04
9. Death Is The Vacuum Cleaner of Space 05:36
10. Silence within Silence 07:47


TEMPLE OF CLEAR LIGHT is the "esoteric electronica" side of Alone In The Hollow Garden. While A.I.T.H.G. is known for the deep acoustic ritual ambient/analogue drone sound, TEMPLE OF CLEAR LIGHT is offering a more rhythmic & melodic side, keeping safely the esoteric/occult aesthetic orientation of the project.


The first physical full-length release out now on Red Cavity Records is materialized through a strictly Limited Edition of 40 cassettes, containing 10 tracks and having a playtime of 80 minutes.

TEMPLE OF CLEAR LIGHT [Cassette Tape + Ankh Silver Amulet]

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