TEMPLE OF CLEAR LIGHT - Amun : Atum [Cassette Tape]

Label: Self-Released (or out via Red Cavity Records )

Format: (Already sold-out on the Artist's main store.)Limited edition of 23 copies. Red audio cassette with black and white printed label and inlay card, hosted in a translucid red snapbox.


1. Amun 30:28
2. Atum 29:11


"Amun : Atum", the second TEMPLE OF CLEAR LIGHT manifestation, consists of two long vibrational structures dedicated to the Sun God, with lyrics spoken from an ancient Egyptian hymn to Amun Ra. An esoteric electronica voyage through a pool of sustained and hypnotic layered drones, reverberating whispers and repetitive primordial beats bathed in the timeless energy, warmth and light of the omnipotent Sun.


The C-60 cassette edition is limited to 23 copies, celebrating the 23rd release of Red Cavity Records.

Released December 12, 2016


Channeled, performed, recorded & mixed by Temple Of Clear Light in July MMXVI.

Dan Serbanescu: vocals, analogue & digital synthesizers, sequencers, drum machines, programming, treatments, effects, mastering, drawings & artwork.


Lyrics echoed from an ancient Egyptian hymn to Amun-Ra.

TEMPLE OF CLEAR LIGHT - Amun : Atum [Cassette Tape]

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