SVARTSINN - Traces Of Nothingness [2LP]

Label: Cyclic Law (13th Cycle)

Format: Special Edition Double LP on Grey and Black Marbled vinyl in Gatefold Sleeve, Matt Lamination. 12 Tracks. Running time; 74:56


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For the first time on vinyl as a double LP in Matt Laminated Gatefold Sleeve, in standard Black as well as Grey in Black Marble Special Edition, and also available as a limited Digipak. Both formats include 4 bonus remixes by Lamia Vox, Triarii, Letum and Gydja. Also features all new artwork by Dehn Sora.


The 3rd offering from Norway's Svartsinn could be acknowledged as the end of a trilogy, the first opus "Devouring Consciousness" was an album containing stories made during what the artist explains as being some difficult and rough times. The second offering, "Of Darkness And Re-Creation", was the process of trying to deal with these struggles and reflect on them. "Traces Of Nothingness" is simply the reaction, result and the path ahead in this ongoing, seemingly endless darkness. A slightly more melodic, sad and obscure side of Svartsinn that still keeps the cold and dark atmosphere that defines his sound.

SVARTSINN - Traces Of Nothingness [2LP]

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