Lilith Necklace [Sterling Silver]

This piece is unique, and not made in series.


This piece is dedicated to Lilith as the Mistress of the Night, Succubus, and Queen of the First Emanation of the Tree of Death.


This ritual necklace is perfectly designed for Ritual Ceremony; when She is called forth and when Her name is screamed, shedding blood and tears… 

Lilith Necklace [Sterling Silver]

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    ¶ Unique Lilith Necklace (Only One made) [Sterling Silver]: Approx. 2.4 X 4 inches (10 cm X 6 cm)

    *Every piece of jewelry is handmade by AzK [aka. Shandi Bouscatier], in Montreal (Canada). Crafted in Sterling Silver (Silver 925). The material used is ethically and collected by the artist himself.

    $525 CAD (Approx. $427 USD)


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