Horse Skull Witch-Thorns [Sterling Silver Pendant+]

Each of the presented Witch-Thorn here is unique, and not made in series. They were each made at the very height of devotional work and inspiration; with materials that ‘spoke’ speak to artist, Shandi Bouscatier… desiring to be fleshed in a worthy vessel.


The Witch-Thorn can be used e to write on candles and wax vessels; as a “witch pin” made to draw blood and direct your intention unto your ritual’s goal; as ikon of devotion or offering; as a ceremonial talisman of a specific deity; or as a ritual “embodiment” of your Will, desire, and belief…


The usage of thorns, nails, and pins in Witchcraft is a well-established tradition! As an expression of willpower of the ritual participant and sorcerer.


[Photo #3] Horse Skull Witch-Thorn: The horse is an interesting animal in Witchcraft. In some traditional initiation, the horse represents a powerful symbol for traveling, witch flight, and spiritual enlightenment. 160$ CAD (Approx. 129$ USD)

Horse Skull Witch-Thorns [Sterling Silver Pendant+]

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    ¶ Horse Skull Witch-Thorns (Only One of each ever made) [Sterling Silver + Deer Antler Bone]: Approx. 6 inch long (12cm)

    *Every piece of jewelry is handmade by AzK [aka. Shandi Bouscatier], in Montreal (Canada). Crafted in Sterling Silver (Silver 925). The material used is ethically and collected by the artist himself.

    $160 CAD (Approx. $129 USD)


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