Fiddler's Green 7: Gods of the Afternoon [Zine]

Fiddler's Green 7 (Vol.2, no.4): Gods of the Afternoon [Zine]


The seventh issue of Fiddler's Green, also known as “Gods of the Afternoon,” published February 2020.


Fiddler’s Green 7 features copper titling, a cover drawn by Benjamin A. Vierling, and 52 pages of art and magic, including reviews, a letters column, and the following:


• Et in Arcadia Ego, by Benjamin A. Vierling

• Magic at the Doorstep: Better Dwelling on the Threshold, Editorial by Clint Marsh

• The Written Word Where the Veil is Thin: Meaning and Misdirection on the Grimoire Path, by Daniel Yates, illustrated by Drowned Orange

• Who Shall Inherit the Earth? Wilderness and Anti-Humanism in Witchcraft, by Melissa Madara, illustrated by Moritz Krebs

• Theogony Made Simple: Tracing the Divine Branches of Your Family Tree, written and illustrated by Craig Conley

• Descended Masters: William Blake and the Fallen Angels, by Samuel McCabe, with illustrations from William Blake

• Releasing Wood Spirits: A Simple Question and a Life’s Work, written and illustrated by Susan Alexander

• The Heroine’s Journey, by Kelsey Yandura, illustrated by Jeff Hoke

• “A is for Apple,” fiction by Elin Heron, illustrated by Alexis Berger

• Remembering Will Cloughley, by Clint Marsh

• Utopia and Its Discontents, by Apio Ludd


• Mushroom Madness: by Anton Barbeau

Fiddler's Green 7: Gods of the Afternoon [Zine]

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