BONINI BULGA - Blood Name [CD]

Label: Hypnagoga Press

Format: Four-panel digipack CD with inlay, limited to 200 copies.


Album Trailer:



1. Night Swallowed The Day - 04:04
2. Blood Name - 05:07
3. Bow Before The Door - 06:45
4. Pole Star - 06:28
5. Such Is The Holy - 06:29
6. Triangular Name - 05:28
7. Remember The Bones - 06:23
8. Golden Vessel - 05:36

Night swallowed the day, as a star led the vessel through the wilderness. Up to their house.

Blood Name is the second album by the minimalistic ritual ambient duo Bonini Bulga.


Made by Pär Boström & Åsa Boström
Tape Engineer: Kenneth Hansson
Mastering: Frederic Arbour


Released June 5, 2020

BONINI BULGA - Blood Name [CD]

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