Bone Runes [Visualization/Meditation Deck]

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The Bone-Runes cards are a unique and original creation from Blood Fire Ritual Art. Their purpose is to help the practitioner of the Northern Path, or anyone interested in runic meditation or divination, with any type of ritual work involving runic forces and symbolism.


The Creation:
The Bone-Runes themselves were crafted from deer jaws and bones. Specifically displayed in the various shapes of the 24 runes of the Elder Germanic Futhark. The idea was to create runes with a strong primal energy to them. A powerful shamanic feel in their conception, which is representative of their intrinsic essence; ancient and genuine.


Their Purpose:
These rune cards are, for one, specifically designed for meditative purposes. Their large size (4X the size of traditional playing cards) is ideal for altar display and focal point during runic meditation or galdr.


They can also be used for traditional divination, displayed on a flat surface. The quality of the photography makes for a perfect visual experience, and the solidity of the cards themselves makes them ideal for handling safely without damage.


Whatever usage you will desire, these powerful items are there to help and further your practice in the runic arts on various levels. The tools are there, it is now up to you to embark on the path...

Bone Runes [Visualization/Meditation Deck]

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    ¶ Limited Edition Card Decks [Only 100 made]: Each Card 5 X 7 inches. (Comes with a signed and numbered label and the Deck is sleeved in a slipbox.)

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