Label: Self-Released (or out via Red Cavity Records )

Format: Black printed heavy recicled cardboard envelope and hand stamped black CDr hosted in a black paper envelope.


1. Kālarātri 11:10
2. Kalki Purāṇa 11:45
3. Vimāna 12:38
4. Ayudhapurusha 10:19
5. Durga Puja 10:09
6. Ajatākasā 22:49


Heavily inspired by the Hindu spirituality, the third opus from AMATERASU (the guitar driven alter-ego of Alone In The Hollow Garden) presents itself as an offering to the Black Goddess of Time, Death & Transformation.


Six long occult psychedelic rock pieces were extracted from the bowels of the Earth, resulting in an 80 minutes intense trip through multiple layers of hypnotic guitars, electric sitar harmonics, slide guitar and dulcimer lamentations, perpetual droning strings, growling bass frequencies & electric organs textures.


: Om Kring Kalikaye Namah :


Released on Winter Solstice, 21st of December MMXX.

Released December 21, 2020


Dan Serbanescu / AMATERASU: guitars, bass, electric sitar, slide guitar, dulcimer, temple bow, prepared guitar, electric organ, effects, percussion, floor tom, cymbals, tambourine, seed shakers, sistrum, analogue & digital drum machines, owl clay flute, gamelan, AF / RF signal generator, recording, mixing, mastering, artwork.


Channeled, recorded & mixed by Dan Serbanescu / AMATERASU in Autumn - Winter MMXX.


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