ALONE IN THE HOLLOW GARDEN - The Black Hounds Of The Netherworld [Ltd. Ed. CDr]

Label: Self-Released (or out via Red Cavity Records )

Format: Printed heavy recycled brown cardboard envelope and hand stamped black CDr hosted in black paper envelope.


1. The Twin Mountains Of Masshu 17:42
2. The First Daughter Of The Moon 14:00
3. A Lyre Song To Tame The Black Hounds Of The Netherworld 11:54
4. A Throne Of Flesh For The Queen Ereshkigal 13:34


"The Black Hounds Of The Netherworld" consists in four long devotional hymns dedicated to the transformative power of the underworld, deeply inspired at a general level by the universal process of Katabasis found in the mythologies of so many cultures and especially by the descent of the goddess Inanna into the ancient Sumerian realm ruled by Ereshkigal.


Released at the magical gate of the Summer Solstice MMXX.
Channeled, performed, recorded & mixed in MMXX by A.I.T.H.G.


A.I.T.H.G.: vocals, chanting, whispers, lyrics, eagle bone flute, pre-Colombian owl flute, jaw harp, bull-roarer wand, floor tom, seed shaker, bells, gongs, Egyptian sistrum, gamelan, electric guitar, temple bow, amplified strings, kantele, bowed lyre, piezo percussion devices, modular synthesizers, effects, mixing, mastering, cover engraving & artwork.

ALONE IN THE HOLLOW GARDEN - The Black Hounds Of The Netherworld [Ltd. Ed. CDr]

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