ALONE IN THE HOLLOW GARDEN - Stellar Dissolution [Ltd. Ed. CDr]

Label: Self-Released (or out via Red Cavity Records )

Format: Printed heavy recycled brown cardboard envelope and hand-stamped black CDr hosted in black paper envelope. 


1. Stellar Dissolution 12:29
2. Ouroboric Chaostrophy 13:41
3. Swirling In Black Matter 11:05
4. Black Hole Eschatology 08:44
5. Endless Ether 28:31


"Stellar Dissolution" is a new ritual ambient collection in which the electronic and acoustic sides of A.I.T.H.G. are blending together into five meditative compositions themed around eschatology, Vril, black holes, the dissolving of all structures, macrocosm & microcosm.


Channeled, performed, recorded & mixed in MMXX by A.I.T.H.G.
Released on the 2nd of September MMXX, on the Pisces Full Moon.


A.I.T.H.G.: vocals, chanting, whispers, lyrics, analogue synthesizers, modular synthesizers, ribbon controller, self built piezo devices, singing bowls, gongs, rol-mo tibetan cymbals, aztec death whistle,
effects, mixing, mastering, cover engraving & artwork.

ALONE IN THE HOLLOW GARDEN - Stellar Dissolution [Ltd. Ed. CDr]

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