ALONE IN THE HOLLOW GARDEN - Sempiternal Equinox [Ltd. Ed. CDr]

Label: Self-Released (or out via Red Cavity Records )

Format: Printed heavy recycled brown cardboard envelope and hand stamped black CDr hosted in black paper envelope.


1. Sempiternal Equinox 17:27
2. Piercing The Veil Of The Absolute 16:57
3. The Hidden Pathways Of Daath 11:12
4. Crossing The Abyss 14:21


Released on the Autumn Equinox, the 23rd of September MMXIX, "Sempiternal Equinox" is a collection of channellings conceived in times of personal depression, triggered by the Saturnian driven mundane heaviness, limitation and collective oppression. A practical "Crossing Of The Abyss", destined to Illuminate Knowledge and to strengthen the individual Awareness and power of Will in these delusional times of Kali Yuga. May the balance be restored!


Channeled, performed, recorded & mixed in MMXIX by A.I.T.H.G.


A.I.T.H.G.: modular synthesizers, vocals, whispers, chanting, lyrical devotion, cymbals & gongs, aztec ceramic flutes, xaphoon, kangling, wavedrum, vintage drum machine, electric sitar, self built string instruments, cover engraving & artwork.


© Copyright A.I.T.H.G. MMXIX.

All rights reserved. Produced by Red Cavity Records MMXIX.

ALONE IN THE HOLLOW GARDEN - Sempiternal Equinox [Ltd. Ed. CDr]

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