ALONE IN THE HOLLOW GARDEN - Lhun Drub [Cassette Tape]

Label: Self-Released (or out via Red Cavity Records )

Format: (Already sold-out on the Artist's main store.) Limited edition of 50 copies. Plastic snapbox & black cardboard jacket with handmade linocut engraving print attached, black audio cassette printed in silver & j-card insert printed with black ink on grey art paper. Download code included.


1. Dharmakaya 14:42
2. Sambhogakaya 15:00
3. Nirmanakaya 15:00
4. Ye Lung 15:00


The 5th A.I.T.H.G. full length, "Lhun Drub", contains 4 long all-analogue drone offerings, that may be easily used as sound implements for ritual or meditational states. "Lhun Drub" is the most minimalistic Alone In The Hollow Garden material up to date, aiming to transform the simplicity and rawness of the analogue oscillators into a deeper and meaningful transcendent realm.

Composed, recorded & mixed between autumn 2014 & summer 2015 by Dan Serbanescu.

ALONE IN THE HOLLOW GARDEN - Lhun Drub [Cassette Tape]

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