ALONE IN THE HOLLOW GARDEN - At The Threshold [Ltd. Ed. CDr]

Label: Self-Released (or out via Red Cavity Records )

Format: Printed heavy recycled brown cardboard envelope and hand stamped black CDr hosted in black paper envelope.


1. Sekhem 14:00
2. Aqua Regia 13:11
3. At The Threshold 12:53
4. The Black Mirror 31:54


"We find ourselves at the threshold of a New Age as we see "The Tower" crumbling, being crushed into dust with each day that passes. We are somehow blessed to experience such difficult times in which we must seek our inner power, reformulate our own system of values and resources, and learn to use it in the benefit of life. May you light the Inner Flame and may these sonic transmissions assist you to tune into the sacred vibration of the Great Mother."

93 93/93


Released on the Spring Equinox MMXX, "At The Threshold" embodies four long compositions offered to support ritual workings and other meditative or contemplative practices.


Channeled, recorded & mixed between Winter MMXIX & Spring MMXX by A.I.T.H.G.

A physical limited edition will be available in the near future.

Released March 21, 2020


A.I.T.H.G.: modular & analogue synthesizers, analogue AF/RF signal generator, light controller, self made Egyptian sistrum & piezo esoteric devices, percussion, OM tuning fork, magick, automatic linocut engraving & artwork.

ALONE IN THE HOLLOW GARDEN - At The Threshold [Ltd. Ed. CDr]

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