AKLO - Unnamable  [CD]

Label: Self-Published

Format: CD


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1. The Dee Translation 06:03

2. Antarctica 06:06

3. Asenath 05:14

4. Eryx 05:21

5. The Tomb 05:43

6. Yith 05:21

7. Captain Marsh 06:27

8. Alhazred's Hymn 04:44

9. Shadows of Time 05:35

10. Eulogy for Humanity 05:46


AKLO is a music project rooted in the works of author H. P. Lovecraft.


AKLO’s eagerly-awaited second release delves deeper into the lush chaos of the Lovecraft Mythos. Includes tracks inspired by “The Shadow Over Innsmouth” “At The Mountains Of Madness” “The Shadow Out Of Time” and others.

AKLO - Unnamable [CD]

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