The Year is Dead. All Hail the Year!

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

A retrospective of the year is usually mandatory. But is it? I mean it goes without saying that we couldn’t be more thrilled about what we have accomplished and published in 2018. What a ride! As always we extend our deepest gratitude to our Readers, Supporters and Collaborators alike! We literally could not do it without you.

That being said, and even if we do look fondly back on the past year, the Work always takes precedence, and fixing our awareness on the present/the moment is the only way to push forward… taking the time to breathe yes, but not to slack and slow down.

Quite the contrary, the time we took off managing orders and online correspondences during the Holidays was mostly spent in careful planning for the year ahead, and busying ourselves to make sure new material would soon follow to open this New Year to new possibilities and new heights.

As a sort of preliminary announcement, but rest assured, in due time, we’ll put together official statements for each of these forthcoming publications.

Without further ado, here’s a little sneak peak at what is in store for Anathema Publishing Ltd. in 2019!

First of, the brand new, yearly issue of PILLARS, entitled: Circling the Compass, featuring 25 talented contributors and authors, is just around the corner. We are in the final stages of pre-production, and the book should be going to print during the month of January (of course, that means Pre-Order should open soon, and we’re aiming for a February release).

Read more about this new PILLARS here:

Next up, we have not one, but two publications in the work, and that is Helene Arts’ conscious manuscript about the LHP, aptly titled: The Last Path on the Left. (The book will be illustrated throughout by the skillful artist Mitchell Nolte).

More info coming soon:

Also, Shani Oates surprises us once again, digging deep into the studies of the Nordic Mysteries, with a brand new manuscript entitled: The Hanged God: Óðinn Grímnir. This title is sure to create a stir, and is by far one of the most astute and deeply researched publication Shani has ever worked on for Anathema Publishing, and that is saying a lot! Given the very precise and peculiar approach to the subject-matter, this title will solely be offered as a Paperback release upon publication. Consequently, this will also open a brand new series of Paperbacks from Anathema, which are not our usual paperback reissues of past sold-out titles, but rather a thing on its own that we will simply call: The Octavo Series. — Book brief and summary will be posted on the website soon!

Of note, it is important to mention that some time down the line, we will add another title to the new Octavo Series; a project from British occult photographer, theologian and folklorist Daniel Yates. (Stay tuned!)

Now… that is not all! There is so much more in the work as we speak, and yet we are not yet at liberty to discuss it in details. Perhaps a new project from Craig Williams? Perhaps a new addition to the Anathema roster of authors (and, of course, new book)? Or a most intriguing and unique ‘secret’ project developing in the background? …perhaps all of these answers? For the moment being, that is all we can divulge. We’ll see!

Last, but not least, Anathema Publishing Ltd. is always looking for new talents and great manuscripts. If you have a fully-developed book idea and manuscript in the work that’d you wish for us to look at, please do send it our way for consideration. We are absolutely opened to book submissions.

It is a lot to take in, it is a lot to undertake, and yet we welcome the challenge, and hopefully you will keep on supporting and trusting our vision forward.

Don’t forget to acquire the titles we currently still have available on the webstore. Most of these are quite low in stock, and it would be a shame to miss out on some of these. N.B. Paperback reissues are not necessarily in the plan for all of these titles and are not necessarily compulsory either. It is important to note, that we solely consider paperback reissues once a title has been sold-out of all hardcover versions for a while, and that the demand alone warrants for a reissue. These are judged on an individual basis, and as a rule, we usually prefer to focus and invest on new projects instead.

Check our available titles here:

We hope that you are just as excited and as inspired as we are for 2019, and once again, our heartfelt thanks for the appreciation you give to Anathema which allows us to keep on producing books that you love.

Yours truly,



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