The Flame Grows Brighter

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

Welcome to the new Anathema Publishing website! Our redesign has been a long time in the works, and we’re excited to finally be able to share it with you.

Once you start exploring it, you’ll find an entirely new look, sections providing author and staff info, a subscription section to join our mailing list, and most conveniently, a new webstore built right in to the site—making ordering Anathema titles easier.

And then there’s our blog. We’ll be updating it regularly with lots of information on upcoming titles and news, along with posts exploring our philosophies and interests within the occult. You’ll also be able to subscribe to the blog, meaning that every time we update it, you’ll receive a notification.

Now, on to the raison d'être that Anathema Publishing exists: to nurture and support the work of occult authors, artists, poets, scribes, pilgrims, wanderers, hermits, and followers of the Arte. As many of you know, thus far, we’ve published several titles from authors including Shani Oates, Craig Williams, and our own Gabriel McCaughry in addition to our periodical, PILLARS, which features some of the most exciting voices and visual artists working within the occult tradition today. This high-quality work continues with our forthcoming titles, including a newly revised Paperback edition of Shani OatesCrafting the Arte of Tradition (originally having sold out in 2016).

In celebration of our new website and webstore launch, and as a warm welcome to our readers, we'll be offering a 20% discount on all products available between Friday June 1st and Friday June 8th. Simply use the code FLAME20 when checking out to apply the discount. 

Our catalogue of fine published works is growing, as is our community and supporters—our brothers- and sisters-in-the-Arte. We want all who enter into Anathema’s House to feel welcomed; we also ask that, as a guest, you will be courteous and respectful to other guests, and refrain from any sort of abusive or intolerant behavior—sadly too often prevalent in the online ‘world.’ Our purpose is one, so let that be the common thread that weaves through each of our own narratives.

Thank you for joining us at Anathema. We look forward to sharing much more with you in future


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