Anathema: Venenum Sanans — Venenum Quod Sanat

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

(The Healing/Purifying Poison • The Poison that Heals/Purifies)

In this day and age, we are often encouraged to label things as ‘good or bad’; we are expected to declare an unwavering position on anything and everything. We feel forced to take a stand, to participate in, or identify with, ‘this’ or ‘that’… even if ‘this’ or ‘that’ may stem from a distorted and confused source or viewpoint.

To ‘opt-out’ of these dichotomies, to purposely refrain from engaging when only senselessness demands it, makes it so that others can and will deliberately place you in one category or another — whether you wish for it or not. They’ll simply label you discriminately and without your consent, misconstruing your intent and judging your motives, independently of your choices, duties, and rights, in the matter. To ‘opt-out,’ and choose silence over useless debates, in order to focus on what one deems to be ‘the larger picture,’ exposes one to a certain level of sophistry, which is sadly all too commonplace nowadays.

Philosophically and spiritually speaking, Anathema can only be approached (and not fully grasped) from an apophatic standpoint, and never in a cataphatic way, for that would limit the expanse of Anathema’s expression, which is ever-evolving and representative of the alchemical transmutation process itself.

However, as an interesting and somewhat entertaining exercise, we tried to approximate and ‘list’ what then the name Anathema could stand for, in a myriad of different contexts. Bear with us, as none of this is, of course, definitive and neither should it be (and yes, we could’ve gone on endlessly):

  • Anathema to that which obscures the Light, and attempts to blind (or wish away) the teachings of Darkness — for Light is Darkness.

  • Anathema to that which is an obstacle to Exaltation and Awakening.

  • Anathema to the easy, the vapid, the useless, the pre-fabricated, the lame, the soul-killer.

  • Anathema to modern aloofness in the search for meaning & gnosis, and anathema to olden principles refusing to adapt, progress, and move forward.

  • Anathema to the tyranny of ‘I’dentity, of ceaseless projections, ill-informed opinions, egoic reactions, and dumbed-down, judgemental categorizations.

  • Anathema, and antinomian, to ontological stultification, and the cheap watering down of divine thought and synergy.

  • Anathema to those who claim to be arbiters of truth in their zealous desire to police the minds of others.

  • Anathema to all of that which stands for polarity, petty politics, cultural biases, plotting agendas, and disruptive, drastic, or naive ideologies (from one end of the spectrum to the other), rather than embracing open integrity and spiritual liberty — even through opposing discourses, viewpoints, and approaches.

  • Anathema to those playing the ‘victims’ of a world they want to see destroyed, and ‘saviours’ of a world they’d wish to see under the boot of their weltanschauung.

  • Anathema to that which is a falsification of Truth from clouded Minds.

  • Anathema to that which solidifies illusions through unobserved habits and insidious perceptions.

  • Anathema to that which refuses to see the scholastic, experiential, and practical, as complementary rather than at odds with one another.

  • Anathema to the mediocre, the barely ‘ok,’ the nihilistic, and the defeatism of most prevalent narratives.

  • Anathema to culture, society, religion, movements/groupings, and creed, when understood through the lens of comparative hierarchy, willful ignorance, or empirical morals.

  • Anathema to the little voice of unreason within preventing you from stepping away from your comfort zone, pushing harder and further, to conquer.

  • Anathema, and adversary, to the enemies of Education, Craft, Beauty, Devotion, and Knowledge.

  • Anathema to that which shies away from investigation, deeper inquiry, and challenge.

  • Anathema to that which refuses sacrifice on the one hand, and embraces ‘rights’ without a notion of duty and service on the other.

  • Anathema to revolting aggrandizement of the ‘self’ for the sake of attention, in dismissing the true nature of Self, beyond such constraints.

  • Anathema to that which solely embraces function over form, or form over function, refusing to understand the Arte as the ultimate reconciler of paradoxes (not understanding they are one and same in the spontaneous outpouring and inward-flowing of appearances, beyond life & death).

  • Anathema to that which aims at extinguishing the blazing dew of yearning, at the heart of practice, and in the heart of each student.

  • Anathema to control mechanisms embedded in the very fabric of materialistic conceptions, priorities, and sundry sciences.

  • Anathema to that which refuses to be shattered to pieces and put back together again by unrestrained and frantic gnostic bliss.

Make of this little list what you wish — interpret, discuss, ignore; it is all well and good, and you are most welcome to do so. These are by no mean directed against any particular group or individual but are rather meant to underline, in contra-distinction, certain notions, and systems of dogma, operating insidiously within and without, and all around us.

And yet, for all of these ill concerns and dysfunctionality in the world, we are grateful to the Wise with opened-eyes, who see no oppositions in these things, no ‘black & white’ paradigms. Thanks to all of our discerning readers, the faithful adepts, who share with us and through us. Those who partake in the Great Work, and whose light may pierce through the veil of ignorance and strife.

We appreciate your support daily. You are the lifeblood of this small enterprise.

(Gratitude to Agostino Taumaturgo [Brother Ada] for the precise Latin translation of this blog post’s title.)

(The Nature of Mind)

No words can describe it No example can point to it Samsara does not make it worse Nirvana does not make it better It has never been born It has never ceased It has never been liberated It has never been deluded It has never existed It has never been nonexistent It has no limits at all It does not fall into any kind of category.

~ Dudjom Rinpoche

“To moonlight as a magician means little if such moonlighting yields no practical wisdom or demonstrable changes in one’s life. It is reduced to a mere anti-authoritarianism, an acting out of emotional complexes.” ~P.T. Mistlberger, excerpt from the upcoming book: The Dancing Sorcerer (Pre-Orders opening January 2020)


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