A year ago...

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

A year ago, I made a choice.


I chose to quit my nine-to-five job and dedicate myself and my time entirely to what was truly meaningful for me — and a crucial part of the Path I walk: Anathema Publishing Ltd.


So much has happened since then. New bonds have been forged, and old ones rekindled. Many great titles have been published (along with my very first book as an author), new challenges have been overcome, and new opportunities have emerged. All this has come from performing the Work… the Great Work. For me, it is the only ‘one-thing’ that truly ‘matters’ (I couldn’t resist adding a few alchemical innuendos here ;) ).


To say that I am thankful about how everything has turned out would be a gross understatement — truly, there are no words to describe my sustained elation in Knowing that the Path I now walk is the right one, the righteous one. I now know that the coming together of opposites is absolutely doable if one is willing to sacrifice the self (and dedicates himself) for the betterment of the Self, and to dissolve the illusions of safety and freedom.


I am not free. I say this, for I am bound to my task, to my duties, and to my Work. To me, these things ultimately define ‘meaning’ itself, for I am bound to It.


And this Path I walk is not a ’safe’ one. At every turn, a new risk reveals itself. ’Tis certainly not an easy road, nor is it a comfortable one. I must reinvent myself from the ground up, and I have to spearhead the transformation by marching forward into unknown territories on a regular basis — if only to put bread on the table.


But I am not complaining. I would not want it any other way. If anything, I’m simply coming to grips with the fact that, in truth, there was never any other way for me; I had just not realized it yet.


Now that I have, there is no turning back. There is only a deeper sense of acknowledgement.


And onward we go, with your much-appreciated help and support, dear Readers, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Benisons — A.M.L.G.

~G. McCaughry

PS: A warm and special thanks goes to the authors and close collaborators of Anathema Publishing: Craig, Shani, Jose, Kevin, Evan, Chaps, Rodrigo, Laurence, and Helene, as well as all the wonderful contributors of PILLARS Occult Periodical (you know who you are ;)

[Photography by Mark McKeon — Books displayed, from left to right: PILLARS (Volume 1 Anthology): Perichoresis (Sold-Out), (h)Auroræ (Collector’s Edition), by G. McCaughry (49 copies left), Cult of Golgotha (Collector’s Edition), by Craig Williams (65 copies left)]


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