A Humble Request...

Dear Readership,

As Anathema has grown and evolved over the years, we have been blessed by connecting with so many likeminded individuals from around the world. It is inspiring to be a small part of the communities which have developed out of the quest for gnosis, a love for fine book-making, and a commitment to the Arte.

For the readers we have, we are truly thankful. We strive to ensure our books live up to your high expectations, and that they continue to illuminate your path.

We also reach out to you humbly with a small, yet important, favour that may help Anathema continue to grow our distribution and our presence in specialty shops.

Our request is simply this: if you happen to be at your local spiritual/occult shop or bookseller, or even specialized library, and see that they don’t yet carry Anathema titles, would you kindly share word of our work and authors? Without wading too far into the tedium of marketing-speak and the minutiae of distribution, Anathema does offer wholesale discounts on larger quantities; furthermore, we always love hearing from booksellers and other retailers who share our passions.

And with that, we thank you once again for supporting Anathema in our endeavours. May you find the illumination you seek, and if the Fates are willing, may we be a modest part of that lifelong journey.



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