A Day Spent Under the Sign of the Lwas

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Greetings, dear Readership!

First off, allow me to announce that Cult of Golgotha has finished its pre-order period (which was a huge success, thanks to many of you), and is now shipping out to customers who should start receiving their copies shortly.

Which also leads me to this recent anecdote I’d like to share with you. It transpired on the day that we opened pre-orders for Golgotha, when several steps were taken to underline this work and the current it represents.

Even if I am, admittedly, far from being a Voudon devotee or adept, I nonetheless felt it was appropriate to properly thank the Guardian Spirits and custodians of the Cult – if only to ensure that the Work would spread far and wide, and inspire as many people as possible. By doing so, I aimed to pay homage and respect to the Lwas, and a few select individuals who have had a strong influence over the Work. And so, Golgotha author Craig Williams and I spent a good portion of our day in ritual communion, making offerings in the mundane world that would radiate outwards and infiltrate other dimensions as well.

T’was a first for me, spending Lammas with the Lwas and doing my best to pay my respects. 

Upon waking up that morning, a significant donation was sent to the New Vision Art School of Haiti, in order to show support and open further avenues of beneficial influences. Next, special food and various offerings were presented and given on a makeshift altar adorned for the purpose of thanking Papa Legba and Ogou Feray, two of the chief Lwas who were central in the creation of Cult of Golgotha for Craig.

I thusly cooked some homemade Griot, red beans, and rice. Some Haitian ‘Babancourt’ Rhum was also offered, along with red chilis, dark chocolate, coconut, dark coffee, a good cigar, and appropriate paraphernalia including candles, censor and incense, scythe, and veves among other elements.)

On the left was displayed an old copy of a classic text from Golgotha Matriarch Leilah Wendell (who wrote the preface for Cult of Golgotha), and on the right there was a copy of Craig’s last book, Entering the Desert. At very different times (and for very different reasons), these two books have had a major impact on my life, although it’s not something to bother going into detail about now.

Following Craig’s suggestions in the matter, and after making some heartfelt prayers to Legba, expressing my gratitude, I asked him to “open the way” for Golgotha to travel and work its magick. I made similar oraisons for Ogou Fer, so that he would bless and protect Anathema and the Work (Cult of Golgotha). The rest of the day was mostly spent in silent reflection and meditation.

The day’s culmination was an exercise in automatic ritual cut-ups. This process took randomly-chosen parts of texts, alternating between the two books I’d placed on the altar. Over 16 times, a total of 16 sentences were taken out of ‘context’ to create a new sacred excerpt of profound meaning. It is a personal adaptation of both cut-ups put back together by yours truly, and goes as follows:

“The ritual uncovers specific doorways hidden within the body of the text which can guide the reader into a deeper state of consciousness and experiential awareness… [These will] create a golem of a spirit… [and] create a calm, silent space within the Cell, enabling the desert gnostic to ‘listen’ to the breath's rhythm and pattern…  [As you] circle around the effigy while continuing to face it… [Face it, and acknowledge it, as] not all is detritus, and authentic syncretism has a long and venerable history and it continues to make its presence known in the world today… [But remember that] if you are not pure of heart, you will not succeed… [The] ritual should be done once a month and at a minimum of two to three times a year… [Years, months, weeks… minutes.] What appears to be minutes might actually be hours or vice versa… The Sacramental mysteries must be revealed by glance, gesture, and experience, the encompassing brightness of the Soul blinds the mundane eyes, a Sacramental dawn arises, awakening the flesh to its destiny… Mix [the whole] with Water until you achieve the [desired] consistency… [And keep the Flame Alive!] The inward flow of attention ignites the inner flame… Because this rite may imply practices that are, at the very least frowned upon by outsiders, and at the very best illegal in many places, I emphasize the use of utmost caution in this working… Upon entering the desert, one does not have the luxury of possessions or excuses, the praxis must be efficient and sustained. [The Will must become] virtually unbreakable even when exposed to the Elements… [Once] we return to the daylight of the world protected and inspired, reminded of our Eternal Home, which we never truly abandon, we carry this sanctuary within us and without us, forever it surrounds us, forever reminding us of the hearth which birthed us and will accept us freely in Death, the Cosmic Womb which feeds our hearts and our minds and distills our vision as we travel the pathways of the Soul… If you cannot obtain [this Vision], compensate by applying more elemental matter [and keep on increasing the pressure].”

This new text helped me in rewiring synaptic consonance, and the much-needed perceptual recalibration, adjusting the ‘frequency,’ so to speak, that was required to fully dive into the Cult of Golgotha, which, as Craig puts it, “is full of strange revelations of creative occultism, alive with Daemonic Essences.”

And a whispering voice was heard, in the forefront of my consciousness, quoting a single sentence from Cult of Golgotha: “Do not lose hold of the Phurba.” I have yet to fully appreciate and understand what that crucial key truly means… but I am certainly willing to investigate.


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