2019: From the hardest of lessons… comes great joy!

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

And we don’t say this lightly, nor ironically. The task of keeping an independent platform as a publisher (and growing it organically without becoming overwhelmed with the process) is always a challenge. But 2019 takes the cake as being the most humbling of years – and the most brutal (and proverbial) slap in the face by reality that this small press ever had the joy of experiencing.

We say joy because joy belongs to the category of ‘happiness’ that isn’t fickle or fleeting; rather it ‘reveals’ something at a deeper level that adjusts viewpoints and methods going forward. This is a joy that exists in the long-term, not in passing moments. And for this, we are extremely grateful — through the hardships and challenges, there appeared the most meaningful of lessons, business-wise, and relationship-wise.

Plans and projects fell through. Some changed dramatically; some ties were severed, while others were strengthened – all according to the flux and flow of dynamic rhythms that exist well beyond our mundane concerns, our understandings, our perceptions of what is.

And yet the ship remains afloat, and stronger winds now help carry us towards new and promising shores. If we may use a second metaphor, ‘things’ that were lurking in shadow were finally brought into the light – pesky demons were banished outright, and gold was exposed underneath the lead, as it should.

Above all else, we as a company, and we as individuals, changed as well – and hopefully matured in our view and approach. The transmutation is felt in every fiber of this passionate endeavor which is Anathema Publishing.

That all being said (and now that this is all behind us), we have no doubt that 2020 will be, on all accounts, a stronger year. Every project in the works for 2020 is, to put it mildly, extremely exciting, vivifying, and of an undeniable uniqueness and relevance.

First off, we launch the year with the massive and compelling new book written by esteemed Canadian author P.T. Mistlberger (Rude Awakening, The Inner Light, Three Dangerous Magi) and gorgeously illustrated by the talented Rowan E. Cassidy. It is titled The Dancing Sorcerer: Essays on the Mind of the Magician.

Pre-Orders for The Dancing Sorcerer open on January 3rd, 2020, with an expected release date set for mid-February 2020. At launch, the book will be offered in two formats: a Hardcover edition limited to 600 copies, and a Paperback edition.

The Hardcover edition will be sublime and quite hefty (lots of specifications will be revealed at the opening of the pre-order phase, but we can tell you right now that it will feature a 3/4 bound with Metal-X buckram spine and fine Italian book cloth) and will retail for $88 CAD (approx. $66 USD); the Paperback edition will retail for $39 CAD (approx. $29 USD).

*We are still currently looking for a new quality artisanal bindery to do (potentially) about a dozen Artisanal editions for this title, but that entirely depends on whether or not we can find a reputable place worthy of the book to do so. For these reasons, we cannot currently offer a retail price on this particular edition.

Of course, we are also slowly but surely working on the next issue of the PILLARS periodical series, titled “Seeds of Ares.” We now have good material in hand (with perhaps just a few key-ingredients missing) but are aiming to share a little more information about the project soon. We hope to release this new issue of PILLARS in either the third or fourth quarter of 2020.

Last (but certainly not least), we’re aiming to close the year with Craig Williams’ immensely anticipated new book, Tantric Physics Volume 2: Sacred Body, Sacred Space!

No wait – let’s make this even more epic… Instead of releasing Tantric Physics vol.2 as a stand-alone book, as a treat (and since many of you did not get the chance to procure for yourself a copy of the first Volume of Tantric Physics: Cave of the Numinous when it first came out in 2014 via Theion Publishing) our version will include BOTH Volumes of the Tantric Physics series in one new Volume! Also, Cave of the Numinous will be completely revamped and re-edited, with new artwork as well. Suffice to say, we are truly looking forward to this one!

Also, we should note, as this is important, our dearest Shani Oates is hard at work completing two manuscripts (at least), which will see the light of publication as soon as we can possibly release them. We believe that these two manuscripts will be most valuable to everyone who has followed her work through the years, and who practices Traditional Craft.

The first of these will be the sequel to 2019’s The Hanged God, and second in this ‘Norse Mythos’ series (which we believe will be a trilogy), will be titled Wolfshead: Óðinn, The Ecstatic God of Tethers and Skin-Turning. The other book is the long-anticipated follow-up to her very first (and still quite an important book to this day), Tubelo’s Green Fire, therefore we announce Tubelo’s Green Fire II. Stay tuned for more news on these as well!

As for a few of the projects we may have mentioned in the past — such as Helene ArtsThe Last Path on the Left — some of these are still in the works, but the release date has been pushed back indefinitely until they are actually finished and ready to go to print.

Wonderful isn’t it? At the pace things are going, faithful readers and supporters of Anathema who have been with us for a while will probably be able to fill up a whole library shelf just with our titles!

I know I’m looking forward to that!

Yours truly,

~G. McCaughry


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