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PILLARS: Perichoresis
PILLARS: Perichoresis
PILLARS: Perichoresis_DYates_03
PILLARS: Perichoresis
PILLARS: Perichoresis
PILLARS: Perichoresis

STANDARD Edition (Limited to 393 copies — 2016):

Hardcover Book. Format: 7.5 x 9.5 inches. 368 pages. Gold Foil-stamp on cover and spine, Blind Deboss on Matador Pescara Black leather (Spanish finish). Antique #80 Eclipse endpaper. Sewn & Glued binding. Printed on 160m Enviro paper. Numerous color plates. Fine typography, and elegantly illustrated throughout. + All copies of the Book is hand-numbered and personally glyphed. [SOLD-OUT]



Volume 1 – Anthology

“The Gods, Dead and all other entities do as they will, reveal as they will for it is not their concern how Fire wrapped in flesh chooses to contact them, only that contact is established and Will is both strong and true. She may come to you after meditation, or Her voice will be heard upon the wind as you walk forlorn through woodland groves and forest-thickets. There is no limitation to where or what we receive in terms of wisdom. It may be a dream, of an incense, an impression of an arbor to take a wand from, a prayer to speak as devotion or even something as simple as an hour of the day in which you concentrate a thought on Her. Her wisdom is undeniable, Her call inescapable, for She is the revealer of the Arcanum of the Lunar-Night of both Zenith and Nadir.”

~Ash Nostro Morg, The Four Graces of Hekate


Being the Anthological Edition of the inceptive trilogy of PILLARS occult periodical journal. Be it: Issue.1 PsychopomposIssue.2 The Golden Eitr and Issue.3 The Ebon Kteis. Curated, assembled and edited by G. McCaughry via Anathema Publishing.
It has been a long time coming, and a personal dream of mine, to finally be able to re-publish the material that made PILLARS journals great from the get-go. Underlining once and for all, how much our esteemed Contributors, were paramount to the ongoing evolution of Anathema Publishing’s vision. Compiled under various over-arching themes, that, however seemingly cryptic at times, do share common threads, exuding definite passion & devotion for the Mystery Arte.
The end result is a book overflowing with potent texts, crucial information, inspirational works, gorgeous art pieces, and so much craft featured therein (Articles, Poems, Incantations, Magickal Procedures, Academic Studies, Seals, Sigils
full-page illustrations, et cetera)! All beautifully bound in a thick, slightly oversized, Hardcover book of utmost quality, and a most stunning presentation design by artist José Gabriel Alegría Saboga. 
It has been decided that there shall be but only one official iteration of this Anthology, for the sole logical reason that the customary 'Standard' editions of PILLARS were the ones published a few years ago (which are now sold-out), and that 'Perichoresis' in itself, IS the 'Deluxe' edition of those three journals combined.

¶ KEYNOTE CONTRIBUTORS: Humberto Maggi, Asenath Mason, Ash Nostro Morg, Patrick J. Larabee, Yoann Lossel, Mitchell Nolte, Shani Oates, Samuel Araya, and many others.

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