Order Out of Chaos


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Order Out of Chaos

by Mark Stavish

Order Out of Chaos, by Mark Stavish (Egregores: The Occult Entities That Watch Over Human, The Path of Freemasonry: The Craft as a Spiritual Practice, etc.), is a syncretic, highly organized look at the notebooks and writings of adepts on the esoteric path. Originally intended as a series of essays for the Institute for Hermetic Studies’ monthly newsletter, Order Out of Chaos quickly flowered in a complete course of instruction for the intermediate and advanced practitioner.
Beginning with an examination of the Emerald Tablet, Order Out of Chaos progresses into little-discussed yet essential areas for our mundane and spiritual success. These areas include but are not limited to:
·  Why focussing on the body and mind as microcosm is essential.
·  Goal setting and achievement as the basis of life.
·  The various types of 'spirit' or life force, and how they act on us and the world.
·  The Word as Will – notes from an adept of the Ninth Degree.
·  Assumption of the Godform and Guru Yoga.
·  Various Magical World Views and how they guide us.
·  The importance of dreams and how to decipher them in relation to the Paths.
·  Discrimination, Psychic hygiene, and simple methods for invoking the energy of the spheres.
·  Types of inner temples and self-initiation.
·  The stages of mastery of any activity or path and how to apply them.
·  Crafting a Mask for the World.
·  The goal of it all – the Body of Light and Self-Awareness in the Naught.
A careful and progressive working of the methods presented in this book will provide students with often much-needed information on how to proceed on the Path of Return in a manner that addresses both daily as well as metaphysical concerns.
Fully cited, Order Our of Chaos will help practitioners easily continue their research should they wish, or simply begin the Work as outlined – and as a result, create their own 'Book of Life' as they bring Order Out of Chaos for themselves and others.

~ TBA: Q3 or Q4 2022 ~

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