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Daniel Yates

Occult Photographer

Theology researcher, folklorist, and occult photographer Daniel Yates has spent over twenty years dedicated to grassroots research into witchcraft practices in northern England. His current postgraduate research is focused on ritual practices in pre-Roman Lancashire. This background has informed a lot of the photographic work he has undertaken, which has seen publication in his book Arcanum alongside PILLARS: Circling the Compass (both under Anathema Publishing) and Wyrd Vol 3 (Three Hands Press). An extensive collection of his work will also feature in the forthcoming Ritual Space and the Crooked Path Beyond (Atramentous Press).


“Daniel Yates has cut a niche for himself through his use of the eye and the camera. An occultist and existentialist with the aesthetic appeal of one who sees where others fail, places Yates at the very pinnacle of expressive modern esoteric art forms. He surmounts the vagaries of mundanity by applying an eviscerating scythe and thereby is able to read through the eye of the lens the augury of the fallen and the hidden track beneath.” - Peter Hamilton-Giles (Atramentous Press, The Dragons’ Column, The Companie of Cunning Folk, and author of The Afflicted Mirror, The Baron Citadel, The Witching-Other and Standing at the Crossroads).

PUBLISHED WORK: Arcanum (Anathema Publishing Ltd. 2019).

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